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FlyteLine TOS

  • There is no Board of Directors here, however, we will be operating under the so called "Gentleman's Agreement". More about that below. We are leaving it up to you to police yourselves, so don't take advantage. We will be monitoring the forums and database information. Unlike FSE, we will not alter the program to counter abuse of the system as this affects everybody, which we feel is unfair. We will definitely target abusers with a single warning and then a ban, so two strikes and you are out. Take note; that the act of renting a plane and then altering the fuel in the air, will not be tolerated. We are working on a method to circumvent this from happening but until then you will be on very dangerous ground when we catch you out! This is a cheat that affects the owners of the planes involved and is therefore considered the worst kind of abuse.
  • We know from past experience that the "Gentleman's Agreement" is a good way to keep a calm atmosphere within the game play. Simply stated, this means that you don't open up an FBO where there is already an established FBO. You can start up close to an existing FBO just don't start a price war. Make sure your fuel prices don't undercut your new neighbor. The other aspect of the "GA" is that its is considered extremely bad gameplay to rent someones plane and then leave it stranded at your destination with no fuel, especially if there is no fuel to be bought at that particular airport. It is considered equally as bad to fill the plane right up when you've finished with it as this cuts down the carrying capacity for the next renter. Somewhere between 25% and 50% is good. From now on the "Gentleman's Agreement" will be known as the "Pilots Alliance" or "PA" for short. Anyone who feels they can abide by these simple rules can right click on the PA banner at the bottom of this post and use it within your signature to show that you are a member of the PA and you abide by the stated rules. This site believes in the PA and therefore any disputes that arise due to FBO placement (ie; where there is already an FBO) will be resolved by the administration coming down on the side of the PA. We know the regulars that use FlyteLine and we know that they abide by the rules. We will not except the argument that you didn't know because part of signing up for FlyteLine involves reading the TOS. This is not FSE and we don't operate the same as FSE, we have our own rules and guidelines that we expect people to follow. You do not have to show the PA symbol, or even agree with it, but to use FlyteLine you must be prepared to follow these guidelines.
  • There is an "FBO Owners" page located under the "Home" menu on the FlyteLine home page where you can see who owns any FBO. Also, there is an "Active" or "Inactive" status with the number of days displayed inactive. If you leave your FBO inactive for a period of 3 weeks, there is an automatic system in place that will delete your FBO after 21 days of inactivity. That means, if it's still on the inactive list, or on the airport page, and you build on it, you will be in violation of this rule and your FBO will be removed. Any building materials and/or fuel that you or your group still owned at that airport, will remain at that airport. It will be your responsibility to move or sell back to the system to recover some of your loss.
  • The forums seem to be a breeding ground for bad feeling and people venting their anger. I have been guilty of this myself. We were not going to have a general discussion board for this reason. This decision is now reversed but we will be taking a look every now and again to make sure things are staying friendly. We will delete posts that look as though they may be inciting arguments or bad feeling.
  • The 30 hr time restriction has been removed. You can fly as long as you want and you can use time compression. Please do not take advantage of this by making huge amounts of money, we will be regularly checking logs to make sure this is upheld. Take advantage and you may find that your planes and bank account have been emptied. You have been warned!
  • All disputes between members will be discussed via Email or Private message and definitely not on these forums. If a reasonable outcome cannot be reached then you may contact Admin although we would expect you to try and sort it out on your own first.
  • Users who think its good fun to advertise sex sites or any kind of commercial site that deals with porn or advertising drugs, in their profile under the website section......think again.....we do check websites regularly and if we find one it will be deleted along with the users account.




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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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